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Wednesday April 18   @ The Cachet Boutique Hotel

510 W  42nd  6 - 9 p.m.

THE Spring Event  for Event Pros
Celebrate the opening of the  new Cachet hotel with  the Young Event Professionals.
Guest Appearances by Cirque Central,  Matias  -  Fun Corporate Magic,  Owls and Lions guitar violin vocal duo, Acute Inflections, Art Of Everyone,  DJ Michael Denby and New York's Best jazz trio.
Live music,  complimentary beer and wine,  hors d'oeuvres network with  tomorrow's event leaders today

$15  Register Here

Wednesday May 2  YEP YAK @ Burger and Lobster

132 W. 43rd  11:30 a.m. - 1:45 p.m.

Guided round table discussion over lunch with other event professionals.  Everyone talks,  everyone listens.
Topic:   How to build an event organization with special guest Michael Maturo, co-founder of The Young Event Professionals  YEP!  currently president of the San Francisco chapter of YEP!
$10 registration  includes  a complimentary beverage,  appetizers and the program.  It is expected that attendees will order lunch,  separate checks, approximate cost is  $25.00  The menu is limited to burgers and lobster as the name implies.

$10 Register Here

Board of Directors

President - David Fletcher

Past President - Michael Maturo​

VP of Membership - Janetta Lee

VP of Programs - Gustavo Galvan

VP of Education - Jasmine Roberts

Director of Sponsors Kate Kellen

Director of Venues - Fong Lin

​Director of Photo Video -  Breana Fulton

Director at Large - Jim Koziol

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We're Young-at-Heart

The “young” in Young Event Professionals means young-at-heart. We’re a quirky group, but we take our work seriously - and we love sharing it with each other. Translation: all ages welcome!

We're Real

Genuine personal relationships are the foundation of events industry. We aim to build them in the most fun ways possible. No stuffy lectures or long seminars, just laid-back events for professionals who love to connect and be inspired.

We're Open

No matter where you are in your event career, you're right for us. Membership is free and our events are only $30!

David Fletcher

YEP!  2017President


Nearly 900 people attended YEP! events in 2017.
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